Firming Remodelling Mask

This magical mask has an intensive anti-ageing action, and procures an instant lifting, firming and plumping effect that lasts all day! Infused with encapsulated vitamins A & E, grape seed oil and green tea extracts, this light emulsion promotes firmness and minimizes wrinkles and marks. Especially designed for the face and eye contour, a real radiance booster! 


Green Tea Extract

Grown for years in China and in temperate countries with heavy rainfall, Camelia Sinensis leaves yield green tea extract. After the harvest, the leaves are dried and rolled to deactivate the enzymes. Tea is known for its anti-ageing, anti-free-radical, stimulating and decongestant properties.

Grape Seed Oil

This oil pressed from Grape Seeds contains essential fatty acids and is particularly rich in vitamins A and E. Its high Omega-6 content allows it to nourish and quickly penetrate the skin. It is known for being particularly effective in repairing the eye contour area. Its regenerative and restructuring properties make it possible to better control cutaneous hydration. This oil is suitable for all skin types. Packed with powerful antioxidants, it helps combat natural and premature ageing.


Apply a thin layer to cleansed face, eye contour, neck and bustline.

For an Express special event” application, leave on for 5 minutes.

For an intensivesuper firming” treatment, leave on for 5 minutes daily, during 8 to 15 consecutive days.

Relaxing your own personal SPA”: leave on for 15 min once or twice a week.

Gently massage the areas of the face that you want to revitalise to release the encapsulated vitamins A&E, combined for greater effectiveness.

Rinse with water or Toning Lotion and pat dry.


REGENERATES (through enzymes)

These biotechnological molecules have a keratolitic effect. Their role is to digest and eliminate dead cells which are the cause of dull, grey and thick skin. They improve the assimilation of active ingredients and guarantee a better quality of cellular cover.

OXYGENATES (through biostimulins)

Biostimulins, from the fresh tissue of young beech shoots, stimulate cell oxygenation, a vital source of energy, as well as the synthesis of collagen and elastin which guarantees tone and elasticity.

ENERGISES (through cytokines)

Cytokines are key molecules for cellular communication and are peptide bond messengers sent by different types of cells (immune cells, epidermal cells…). They act on the receptors of other cells to induce many vital reactions. The cytokines contained in the EISENBERG products are extracted from milk. They are bioactive polypeptides which are involved in the process of cellular renewal and the synthesis of proteins from the extracellular matrix. Cutaneous structure is optimised and skin’s appearance and firmness is improved.